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Our Tools

Our Check It tool protects against multiple insurance claims for the same device with numerous insurers and enables cross-Industry co-operation in reducing the cost of claims and identifying potentially fraudulent claims.

Check It provides retailers with up to date information on items offered for trade elsewhere and can confirm in real-time if a device offered to you for sale is blocked on any network or the subject of an insurance claim with any of our participating insurers.

We hold Police data which can confirm if the item for sale or for insurance claim has been the subject of a crime enabling you to make intelligent decisions.

Our Register It systems allows consumers to register their assets including mobile phones, bikes, cameras and other household items which could be of interest to thieves. You can upload pictures, serial numbers, purchase receipts all of which can be supplied to you in the unlikely event of an insurance claim.

git branch

One of the leading tools for insurers

Simple easy checks for
due diligence, fraud and crime.

With a direct real time feed from the GSMA,
This makes our system complete with
acurate data 100% of the time

Bulk Upload

Check whole systems of data at once
with our bulk upload solution

Not just mobile!

Our system is capable of keeping
records of any devices!
Computers, bikes or camers

Insurer Matching

Checking devices against other
insurer and recyclers data.