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Law Enforcement

Did you know?

Insurance Cover

Almost seven hundred mobile phones are reported stolen every day. One in four of these handsets are subject to insurance cover.

Fraudulent Claims

Statistics suggest that between 15 – 20% of all device insurance claims are fraudulent, with innocent policyholders suffering increased premiums as a result.

700 phones every day

Over a quarter of a million mobile phones are reported stolen each year in the UK – that’s nearly 700 phones every day.

Retail Outlets

Many of these stolen mobile phones are offered for sale via the internet or sold to retail outlets for re-sale.

Our Enforcement Solution

Global Device Network Enforcement provides Law Enforcement wholesale jerseys Agencies at all levels with the facility to research the insurance status of any device registered with In addition, Global Device Network provides access to Law wholesale nhl jerseys China Enforcement Agencies to identify if a registered device has been recycled matching the device serial number or handset IMEI with data provided by Recyclers to the Global Device Network system.

The details accessible by Law Enforcement Agencies include insurance claim details for lost or stolen devices, including at what stage in the insurance claims process the device is at, the insurer involved and a specific point of contact with that insurer. Recycler data will  provide the date the device was recycled and identify the Recycler, which can subsequently assist in identifying the individual recycling the device and assist in the detection of crime.

Accessed via web or smartphone app, Enforcement allows Law Enforcement Agencies to immediately identify if an individual is in legitimate possession of a device and take appropriate action.

Global Device Network is completely free of charge to all Law Enforcement Agencies providing a cost effective research and crime detection real time tool.