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Our Register It systems allows consumers to register their assets including mobile phones, bikes, cameras and other household items which could be of interest to thieves. You can upload pictures, serial numbers, purchase receipts all of which can be supplied to you in the unlikely event of an insurance claim.

Register It also allows you three checks on mobile devices per month so if you are buying a mobile you can check it is not subject to a network block, police report or insurance claim allowing you, the customer, to make an informed decision.
Register It is a real time system so updates and handset blocking data is instantly available and 100% accurate 100% of the time.

Three completely free Global Device Network consumer device checks every month.

Access to worldwide data showing the block status of a device.

Peace of mind that the device being offered for sale is a genuine model.

With our system, we can confirm if any device you're wishing to buy, sell or recycle has been blacklisted.

A valid device certificate confirming the block status, model and date and time of your personal device check.

You can find out if a device is still subjected to insurance cover or indeed, a claim.

By registering your items, if they are recovered by the Police you will be able to be reunited quickly with your items which otherwise would be difficult to trace to, you, the rightful owner. Also, if you wish to sell, or recycle any of your items a certificate from our system will give the potential purchaser confidence that you are the rightful owner and that in the case of mobile devices there is no insurance claim or network block for that item. You can even uplift a copy of the certificate to Ebay to demonstrate to potential bidders that the item is genuine and free from encumbrance.