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We provide an effective tool to protect against multiple insurance claims for the same device with numerous insurers and enable cross-Industry co-operation in reducing the cost of claims and identifying potentially fraudulent claims.

We provide retailers with up to date information on items offered for trade elsewhere and can confirm in real-time if a device offered to you for sale is blocked on any network or the subject of an insurance claim with any of our participating insurers.

We hold Police data which can confirm if the item for sale or for insurance claim has been the subject of a crime enabling you to make intelligent decisions.

Providing a tangible facility for the effective exchange of intelligence facilitating the ability to support and improve the experience of genuine customers, Global Device Network listens to the needs of all insurers and provides a service tailored to the individual needs of all, whilst supporting the customer journey at point of sale or claim.

Data matching to identify duplicate cover claims with other insurers.

Insurers get the status of any of the claims on our system instantly giving up to date information when ever needed.

We can get you the history of any device and inform you of any other trade interest.

With our system, we can confirm if any device you're wishing to sell or recycle has been blacklisted.

We can verify what device is being offered and let you know its make, model and build information.

You can find out if a device is still subjected to insurance cover or indeed, a claim.

We provide access to a multi-national database which correctly identifies the make and model of a handset which assists in countering inflated insurance claims and help recyclers and re-sellers to “know your customer” and purchase mobile phone handsets in the knowledge that the handset is not suspected to be stolen or lost by a third party, and subsequently barred by an Airtime Network Provider.

Our system also provides a time and date stamped certificate to support any due diligence check at point of purchase which can be downloaded and produced at any time if required.